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Frank Stewart — Owner/Designer

Logo Design

Your company's logo is its face - the personality and objective of your operation in a simple and memorable picture, or "mark". Paul Rand, the great American designer who designed the logos for IBM, UPS, ABC, Westinghouse, and many others, explained logos this way:

"If, in the business of communications, "image is king", the essence of this image, the logo, is a jewel in its crown."

Whole Grain Design specializes in promoting companies' unique personalities with quality logo design.

Web Design

A web presence is imperative for any and every business. The web is the first, and many times only, place most people got to research products or search for goods and services.

Effectively leveraging a web site requires a lot of attention, however. You can't simply hack together a page and throw it out there, although that's what a lot of companies and "web designers" do. A site must be properly coded, have good usability, and contain pertinent information if it is to rank correctly and attract customers.

Print Design

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. A well-branded company needs all sorts of printed materials, from letterhead and business cards to invoices and envelopes. A consistent appearance across a company's papers tells customers that the business is organized and concerned with doing things the right way.

Circulars, flyers and other types of printed materials are needed from time to time, also. A consistent appearance is the best way to reinforce quality in customers' minds.