About Whole Grain Design

Although Whole Grain Design has access to many technical specialists, "we" is essentially "me" : Frank Stewart.

I have a degree in Marketing from Virginia Tech, and have more than 30 years' experience in marketing / sales / management / purchasing. Even though visual marketing has never been my primary job, I have performed that function for every company I've worked for - all the way back to the days when everything was drawn by hand and cut-and-paste was the order of the day.

The fact that my design work until now has been secondary to actual business positions is the biggest advantage Whole Grain Designs offers you over other design firms. Most designers are well-versed in composition, design and layout - but they don't have actual business experience. I have a much greater understanding of how actual business decisions are made and influenced. Great design is wonderful, but if it doesn't achieve its goal it hasn't succeeded.

Even though my design is goal-oriented, that doesn't mean that the design itself isn't crucial. With few exceptions, everything we do at Whole Grain Design meets these minimum requirements:

We would be very happy to discuss the possibility of Whole Grain Design helping you promote your enterprise. If you need a new logo, web site, print ad - or need a revamp of your existing ones - please click on the Contact tab on the menu above, or click here.

You can download my resume here (PDF file).