Services Offered by Whole Grain Design


a logo by Whole Grain Design

Your logo is the face of your company. It is your flag; a quickly recognizable mark that conveys volumes about your business to the viewer. Nothing is more important to promoting the quality and attitude of your operation to new users. When you think of a hugely successful existing business — say, Coca-Cola — what's the first thing you see in your mind's eye? Chances are it's their logo.

Logos are Whole Grain Design's specialty. Let us design yours. Examples of our past designs can be viewed here.

Web Design

a website by Whole Grain Design

Next to an appropriate logo design, the most important (and cost effective) marketing tool for a modern company is a presence on the web. The Yellow Pages are in their death throes; consumers today use the web as their primary tool when looking for goods and services.

A web site can be as simple as one page, basically a business card on the internet. This is all many very small companies need: just an attractive page with a logo, a small synopsis of the services offered, and all the pertinent contact information. This is essentially an electronic Yellow Pages ad with the advantages of being cheaper, larger, more relevant, and more easily changed and updated than a Yellow Pages ad.

At the other end of the spectrum, a web site can comprise hundreds, or even thousands, of pages and can include things such as interactive multimedia and e–commerce capabilities. While complicated designs can be quite expensive up–front, they are still more cost effective than any other alternative.

Whole Grain Design is primarily a front–end designer, but we have connections with coders and engineers that can assist us in supplying you with just about any functionality you desire. And we strive to make sure all of our web pages are accessible (useable by people with disabilities), properly coded with CSS, validate as XHTML Strict, run efficiently, and load quickly. Some of our web work can be found here.

Print Design

Although Whole Grain Design works primarily in the web arena, we can also design any print materials you may need from invoices, letterhead and envelopes to magazine, catalog and newspaper advertisements. Printed materials require a completely different set of tools, knowledge and capabilities. Whole Grain Design speaks print as well as web. Some of our print work can be found here.

Web Redesign & Maintenance

The most wonderful thing about a web presence is that it's a "living" thing. Unlike a printed catalog or a Yellow Pages ad, a web site can be quickly updated - or even completely redesigned - to suit your company's situation. Whole Grain Design can work with you on an ongoing or per-change basis to make sure your web site is timely and up-to-date.

Image Consulting & Branding

Are the marketing materials your company uses appropriate for attracting the customers you desire? Do your design elements complement each other and present a consistent theme and atmosphere? Whole Grain Design can help you "dial-in" your image and marketing efforts to ensure that you are presenting your company in the best possible light.